Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer wrap-up...back to the blog!

Started the summer working on a ranch for the month of June.

After working hard and with four kids waiting at home, it was time for a family roadtrip. My daughter and Shadow in Colorado for a brief stay.

My aunt and uncle were extremely generous to let us use their RV to head north for several weeks.

Can't head north without stopping for a visit to Mount Rushmore, the Reptile Gardens, and Bear Country USA.

Finally made it home to beautiful North Dakota.

 The kids made wonderful friends for their stay...wanted to adopt them!

The girls dominated tubing!

Took one son skiing and our other son got up for the first time!

 Found time to enjoy a round of golf with my dad and brother.

Finally, stayed in Colorado with family to enjoy the sights.

Can't really say I missed the computer, but with kids back in school and hunting season upon us, time to get back to work and enjoy the season's stories and news. Hope everyone has a successful season and hope you enjoy this coming year outdoors!

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