Sunday, December 21, 2008

Does the bow do the work?

I’ve been archery shooting and hunting for close to thirty years now and been shooting the same Hoyt for the last eighteen. Before that, a PSE, and before that, a Bear. Nowadays, you can’t mention the thought about buying a new bow without stirring up the debate about the newest, latest and greatest bow on the market. From cams to limbs, fps to let-off…give me a break. I’ve done my own research among the following companies and have found one undeniable truth…there’s a lot of great bows on the market today.

The question I pose is “what type of archer do you want to be”. Do you have to have the latest and greatest? How is the look and feel? Who shoots what bow? Put a string on a piece of bamboo and put in the hours of practice and it will produce results. In the end, I will choose my next bow on the ability to have a qualified representative actually available to answer my questions and the ability to personally perform the yearly maintenance.

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