Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a BOY...and only one this time!

Great news...another little archer will join our clan in April/May. We are having our third boy to reek havoc on our little princess. Only problem is our little princess runs our household. The wife, we'll call her Karla, and I haven't had much of an issue getting pregnant. We've been very blessed with a five-year old son, twin two-year old boy and girl, and now our latest addition. The problem is I want to be "finito" and she wants another daughter. I'm thinking I might need to have a hunting "accident" to the region I would rather not think about...BUT, the thought of more kids and this economy scares me more.

I wonder if I could get snipped and put it on YouTube...could make me famous! Could also be great birth control for all the viewers. Then again, a WebCam in the house watching the "ninos" would be just as effective.

Speaking of the "ninos", better give hugs and loves and get out the door. Have a great day and Happy Holidays.