Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NE Bull Elk Harvest, Success Rate Highest Ever

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LINCOLN, Neb. - A record 105 bull elk were harvested in Nebraska in 2012. The 91 percent success rate is also a record, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. That compares to 90 bulls harvested and a 79 percent success rate last year.

The bull elk season was Sept. 29-Oct. 28. Thirty-one cows were harvested in the first half of the cow elk season, Sept. 29-Oct. 28. That season resumes Dec. 1-31. 

There were 303 elk permits sold, but refunds were given on 19 (seven bull and 12 cow) permits because of concerns about access due to the Pine Ridge wildfires, which occurred just before the season opener. Elk harvest by management unit was: Ash Creek - 14 bulls, two cows; Bordeaux - 26 bulls, nine cows; Box Elder - six bulls, three cows; Boyd - none; Hat Creek - 27 bulls, 10 cows; Niobrara - seven bulls, three cows; North Platte - 22 bulls, four cows. Bulls also were harvested by the two auction permit holders and the one lottery permit holder. Successful elk hunters are reminded to send in elk tooth collection envelopes to Game and Parks.

Press release found at the Outdoor Wire

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