Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Designs...Now American Made!

A question I posed to the outdoor forums not too long ago was "American Made vs. Overseas Manufacturing." The results were mixed as the perceived value of "just a t-shirt" didn't really make a difference in the purchasing decision. However, in the end, I have made a very difficult decision. Tags will now say AMERICAN MADE on new Field Dress apparel.

The whole decision making process has been a difficult one. I beleive in today's economy, the customer is not going to spend $19.95 for "just a t-shirt". A few years ago, just about anyone could come up with a design, slap it on a shirt, and sell it for twenty bucks...great example is "Cafe Press". So I have been getting the Field Dress name to the industry with solid pricing. Where else can you find quality t-shirts for $4-$8 bucks with amazing designs. Now, I am going to have extremely high quality shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve) to match what I consider to be the highest quality design work. They're going to have a more retro look and feel and separate Field Dress from the typical manufacturing company on the market. So, time to take a leap of faith, build the brand, commit. Wish me luck and make sure you visit in February to view more great designs like the new "Chase" line you see above.

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