Friday, January 16, 2009

I feel the need...!

"I feel the need...the need for speed." Great '80's Top Gun movie quote, but in this case it reads "I feel the need...the need for Icefishing?" My father, god-bless him, has a group of friends that can talk him into anything. Their bright idea this past fishing.

Now, this really isn't that big of deal, since they are in North Dakota and it is that time of the year. However, this year the snow gods and "global warming"(ha) has turned the lake into a snowmobilers playground. So getting to the "house" is the problem. If you've ever seen "Grumpy Old Men", thats pretty much what you see. One main road leading to a little "town" or what I like to call "main street". However, with all the snow this year, the road was completely covered and nowone had the "courage" to take the plunge.

I'll give it to my old man. "One" of his sayings has always been "Sh*t, I can do that", so when he pulled up, looked out onto the ice, and put the peddle down, it shouldn't have surprised me to learn he planned for the result. He, Doc, and LQua brought the tow ropes and with LQua leading the way in the oilfield truck, pulled a three-way tow train till they made it to "main street". He was awfully proud as onlookers, without the necessary testosterone to take the chance, came by the "house" to thank them for opening up "main street". "Bunch of kids", they laughed. Not much success, one seven pound walleye, but another memory for the summer campfire.
Pic. found at GeekArmy

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