Monday, January 12, 2009

How much is your "Lease" really worth to you?

I've been hunting for over twenty-five years now and have never had to pay to enjoy the "Great Outdoors". Thank God for North Dakota, friends, family, and building relationships with land owners that have stood the test of time. Something I never gotten used to hear in Texas is the idea of having to pay for my god-given "right". Several reasons I will never pay to hunt whitetail deer in Texas:

1- Shooting a TX deer is like shooting a yellow lab compared to the size of deer I've taken in ND.
2- I don't get excited about hunting over feeders.
3- Blind hunting seems a little like ice-fishing.
4- The kill doesn't excite me as much as the actual hunt.
5- I can get the same thrill of the hunt on public land.
6- I would rather save my money, travel to ND and actually hunt the monster whitetail that has eluded me all these years.

Personally, I think we get caught up in killing "trophy's" and have gotten away from what hunting is truelly about. Enjoying our passion and providing food for the family. In the end, that is what hunting is all about for me. So what is the "lease" really worth? I can buy more quality venison to fill the freezor with the money spent on a lease and enjoy public land to fullfil my need to experience the "hunt".

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