Monday, May 18, 2009

SCI Making International Trophy Records Now Available

If you've ever wondered where your big buck, granddaddy elk, or boss gobbler would rank in the record books, Safari Club International (SCI) has all of that information right at your fingertips with the SCI Online Record Book.

The Online Record Book features SCI's full database of trophy records and allows members to search the hunting records of individual species by continent or state/region, measurer, guide service, and method of kill. It also features helpful population density maps and taxonomic information to assist hunters in planning future big game hunts.

The first SCI Record Book entry was submitted in 1977. Today, the Online Record Book has nearly 150,000 entries for more than 100 species from all around the world. It is a great resource to assist hunters in preparing for their next hunting trip, as it provides all of the tools a hunter needs to successfully identify where and when the best opportunity is to harvest a trophy-class animal. Hunters can determine the best areas to hunt a particular species and become familiar with the antler and horn measurements before entering the field. Visitors to the Online Record Book will also soon have the ability to view contact information for guides and outfitters.

For those unfamiliar with the SCI scoring system, the Online Record Book uses a unique, all-inclusive record keeping system to preserve and document our hunting heritage. The SCI scoring system recognizes typical and non-typical animals and also has distinct trophy categories for free range and estate-harvested animals. SCI measurements enforce no deductions on animals with asymmetrical antlers or horns. It is the only world-wide recognized scoring system that does not penalize animals for asymmetry. Green-scored animals can be submitted immediately to the Online Record Book and Top 10 entries are eligible after a 60-day drying period.

The SCI Online Record Book is the only dynamic, automatically updated trophy records system in existence. Every evening, entries to the Record Book are ranked, and approved changes are added to the database. It is an informative and exciting way to monitor trophy records for a specific species or region, and it is available to everyone.

The Online Record Book offers a variety of subscriptions, including a one-time, absolutely free 24-hour trial membership. Discounts are offered to SCI members, but anyone can purchase an annual subscription to the site. A one-year subscription costs $69.95 for SCI members and $99.95 for non-members. A seven-day subscription is also available for $9.95.

To learn more about the SCI Online Record Book and its exhaustive information on trophy records, please visit the site at

Press release found at the Outdoor Wire

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