Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zeiss Optics Announces Partnership With The Evans Group

CHESTER, VIRGINIA- Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, a leading manufacturer of binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes and opto-electronics products, today announced that it has signed The Evans Group as its national sales agency, effective June 1. This strategic move is a key milestone in the implementation of the Carl Zeiss growth strategy in the United States and ongoing efforts to significantly increase market share through excellence in products and services.

"The Evans Group has a most successful record in representing and promoting leading premium brands in the outdoor, birding, shooting and hunting markets across all 50 states in the U.S.," said Erik Schumacher, president of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. "We currently have one of the strongest product portfolios in the sports optics market. The excellent relationships of The Evans Group, with independent dealers, chain stores and distributors alike, will help us to further penetrate and grow the network of ZEISS dealers and provide better availability and service to consumers."

The Evans Group has a strong management team led by Mike Evans, and a large national infrastructure that allows them to call on independent dealers, distributors and individual chain store locations and their respective headquarters on a regular basis on behalf of the manufacturers they represent.

"Carl Zeiss is a premium brand with a reputation for unparalleled optical excellence and innovation," said Mike Evans, president of The Evans Group. "In 1979, I bought my first pair of binoculars - a ZEISS 8x30 - and now, 30 years later, they are still in as fine a working order as the day I bought them. They have given me a greater return on "investment" from a sheer use and enjoyment point of view than probably any other piece of outdoor equipment I own."

Evans continued, "With over 160 years of history, the ZEISS brand stands for unrivaled quality and value, and we are extremely proud and pleased to represent them. Our team is fully committed to substantially increase the presence of ZEISS optics throughout the U.S., and we look forward to working with our valued customers to make that happen."

About Carl Zeiss:

The ZEISS brand is synonymous with the world's finest, highest precision optics.

Based in Oberkochen, Germany, the Carl Zeiss Group is a global leader in the optical and opto-electronic industries and an innovative, research-intensive, high-tech company. The Carl Zeiss Group is comprised of five business groups: Semiconductor Technology, Medical Systems, Microscopy, Industrial Metrology and
Consumer Optics/Optronics, each focused on developing the most advanced technology, products and solutions in their fields to enhance people's lives. Carl Zeiss' portfolio of products includes: state-of-the-art medical equipment used in neurosurgery, ENT and ophthalmic surgery and diagnosis; advanced microscopes for medical and scientific research; premium sports optics and opto-electronic products; camera and cinematography lenses; planetariums; eyeglass lenses; anti-reflective lens coatings; industrial metrology solutions for the aerospace and automobile industries; and the highest resolution optics for machines that produce the majority of today's semiconductor memory and processing chips, among others.

As part of the Carl Zeiss Group, Germany, Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc., Chester, Va., is responsible for sales, marketing and distribution of ZEISS sports optics, such as binoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes and laser rangefinders, throughout the United States. For more information, visit: or call 1-800-441-3005.

Press release found at the Outdoor Wire

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