Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Few Wonderful Wildlife Photos from Waldo

My cousin recently got back from the Camino de Santiago and began to do something he has always been passionate about...photography. He's been selling prints for several years, but hasn't had the time to take photography serious from a business perspective. Well, he finally has a little capital built up to have some fun with it so Waldo Photography is now live. He will be heading to Africa next month and having just returned from Spain, it truly is like "Where is Waldo" for his family and friends.

His site is live and has a few kinks that he will be working out shortly. Stop by and enjoy his passion and while your there let him know you appreciate him capturing scenes most people don't ever get a chance to enjoy.

elk, buffalo, hunting, bull, archery

cow, herd, hunting, outdoors, archery

deer, hunting, hunt, outdoors

deer, rack, hunting, hunt, outdooors

deer, feeding, outdoors, hunt, hunting

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