Friday, November 8, 2013

Vermont Moose Hunters Had a Successful Season

Vermont moose hunters had a successful hunting season according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. An archery moose hunt was held October 1-7, and the regular moose hunting season was October 19-24.

“A preliminary count shows that by November 6, the department had received official reports of 23 moose being taken by 50 hunters in the archery season, and 197 moose taken by 362 hunters in the regular season,” said Cedric Alexander, Vermont’s moose project leader. A few additional reports may still be sent in from other reporting agents.

“Vermont’s moose population is being managed scientifically, according to a plan developed on sound wildlife biology and input from the public,” said Alexander. “The overall hunter success rate was up slightly from last year, due, in part, to colder weather stimulating moose activity near the end of the season.”

“The number of ticks found on moose brought in to the Island Pond check station was higher than at any other check station. The tick data will be analyzed further and compared to results from New Hampshire and Maine.”

This was Vermont’s 21st moose hunting season in modern times, the first occurring in 1993 when 30 permits were issued and 25 moose were taken by hunters.

A final report on Vermont’s moose hunting season will be available in January when all of the 2013 data have been received and reviewed.

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