Thursday, January 31, 2013

Home is -60 Below. You Better Put on Your Booties...

forecast, cold, lake sakakawea

Home is Williston, ND, where the Bakken Oilfield is providing jobs to thousands, housing to few, and an answer to "how bad do you want it" right now. Fact: I never had a single day of school canceled due to poor weather. In TX, they cancel school on the threat of snow.

weather, forecast, cold, lake sakakawea

No matter the temperature, you do all the things you need to get done. You can't allow weather to affect your daily life because you'll never know when it is going to change. Fact: I once competed in a track meet in May where it was blizzard like conditions. I couldn't believe they allowed me to throw the couldn't see it after you let go. 

Ice fishing is the sport of choice and every year some poor fools wait a little too long to get the house off the water. Nobody can ever blame them. They have an


Lake Sakakawea, a two-minute stroll to the bank from our front door. Walleye fishing is great, but in my younger years water skiing came calling more often. Fact: My friends and I would go smurfing every year. Smurfing is water skiing just after the water had opened up. The temperature was just above freezing and when you would get back in the boat, your body was completely blue...all you young bucks can google the term "smurf" and get a good idea of the little cartoon characters.

We take the kids home every summer for the Fourth of July Celebration. I typically get asked weekly when we are going back to North Dakota. I think they need to experience -60 Below and see if they still ask me when we're going back. 

To all the riggers out there...suck it up boys, you're in the home stretch! And by the way, who can finish the title of the post?

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