Monday, February 9, 2009

Tales from the Field- Did you see my buck?

My brother (Fireman T) and I grew up with a bow in our hands. We shot in tournaments, leagues, yards, fields, wherever we could. Fireman T even won three state tournaments in both field archery and 3D. I forget everything I know why, because second "sucks". Always lost to some girl from the big city (Fargo) at the state tournament.

Anyways, I'm getting off point and the point is all we've ever done is archery hunt. In past posts, I've told of our annual hunt with my uncle Bear. Fantastic uncle, but he had a hell of a time shooting ND whitetail. Besides making the shot, he even got handcuffed by the same buck (five-point) on three consecutive hunts. We call him the "phantum five".

Well, he and Fireman T would have all sorts of shooting comptitions and of course the first camp kill trumped all others. T must've been about eleven and was in a stand near uncle Bear. Made the shot on a little rag buck, waited about a half-hour, got out of his stand, and went straight to get Bear. Who just happened to be in a stand in the same direction the buck ran. About the same time Bear spotted the buck, he also spotted the arrow sticking out. As the buck got closer, he considered putting an arrow in him and finishing the job...but, while he was considering, the buck decided to "expire" directly under his tree stand.

Not too long after, T excitely walked up and said to Bear "did you see my buck". But before Bear could respond, T almost tripped over his piled up trophy. Bear did manage to get out a few choice words for T, but we'll keep this family oriented.

Anyways, it's a camp fire classic and only gets better with each passing year. In fact, I'm pretty sure this year, that rag buck will score at least 200 and field dress at 250.


Cory Glauner said...

Hunting tales between friends are, for me what hunting is all about. I really like my hunting pictures too. Mounts are ok, but stories and pictures make it for me.

Rod McBellanic said...

You're so right Cory. The outdoor memories I have with friends and family are the ones I cherish the most.