Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Investor Update

The business plan is in the hands of Mr. X and I'm anxiously waiting for a response from Mr. Z. See previous post "Who you know" to catch up on the details. I had to change the the name "moneyman" to Mr. Z., just seemed a little classier.

So its wait and see time. The lunch meeting apparently went well as I received an email from Mr. X and he said "I was impressed with you and your story, and you can count me as an ambassador for you and your product." He was thinking about other avenues to help me out and mentioned a friends ranch and a certain outdoors radio personality when he said "Would love to take you up to his place and arrange a meeting with "radio-man" so as to get further exposure for Field Dress." Everything sounds great, but this is really the time I hate. I'm not very adept and sitting back and letting things happen. I keep feeling "I have to make it happen" or it will never get done.

My dilemma...do I...
1) wait for either a response from Mr. X or Mr. Z
2) wait for an invite to the ranch
3) wait for an introduction to the "radio-man"

or do I facilitate some sort of action with an inquiry? Your feedback would be appreciated.

***********On a side-note...my twins turned two yesterday and I can't remember the last couple years. Kind of scary how fast time flies. I have to continue to remind myself life is short and stay balanced. On that note, work is going to be secondary this week to family. The weather is supposed to be great this week and most schools have "spring break", so I am going to try to be a more accessible daddy. Hope you all have a great week.


Deer Passion said...

I would, as patiently as possible, wait for a response from Mr. X or Mr. Z. If you don't hear anything in a few days, send an email )or saying that you also enjoyed meeting him (or them) and you're looking forward to hearing from them. If you prefer, call them instead. :) Still wishing you luck with everything!

Ben G. said...

I agree with Deer Passion. Wait it out as long as can. I don't know a lot about business, but I do know if you pester them too much they think something fishy is going on. Any way best of luck and I hope every thing works out for the best.

Ben G.

Rod McBellanic said...

Thanks guys...still w a i t i n g!

Josh Bell said...

I'm in the fundraising process myself. Been beating down the doors of investors for the past few weeks so I'm very green. I have a very good team on board and from them I've learned one very important lesson when it comes to investors.

ABC! Always Be Closing! Never leave anything open ended. Ask for a length of time for when you should make or recieve contact. This way you're just following through with your agreed terms when you call to check in.

Sounds like your X's and Z's will be on board just hold their feet to the carpet.