Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Stedi-Stock

What is the Stedi-Stock? Taken from the Stedi-Stock website - Stedi-Stock® optical stabilizer allows the user to interchange their optical devices, (35mm camera, digital camera, Camcorder, or spotting scope) on one steady stock platform, providing stability like a tripod, with the maneuverability of the device itself.

To me the proof is in the pudding...and the show this past weekend demonstrated the Stedi-Stock is here to stay. People walking around the show with their cameras didn't know what hit them once they put their device on the Stedi-Stock. All of a sudden they had to have it and you could see Stedi-Stock walking around the show in every direction. Only six ounces and made of nylon, you can take it with you and be confident it won't weigh you down or break in the bag.

Spotting scopes...come on, when was the last time it left the truck. With the stedi-stock you can actually take it with you. Filming the big hunt, Stedi-Stock works with all types of video equipment and have accessories to boot. Whether its the quick release or clamp, Stedi-Stock will make your videos and pictures that much better.

Give Harold or Deb a shout for more information. This truely is a great product.

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