Thursday, March 12, 2009

Must See Sites

Been tough getting back in the saddle after the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation show this past weekend. Set-up last Wed. and exhibit Thurs.-Sun...all day. I believe they were expecting 50-70,000 visitors, but sadly, I would say no more than 20,000 walked through the exhibit hall. I knew we were in trouble when Wayne Carlton, of Carlton Calls, had a presentation for maybe seventy-five people, when it was set-up for a couple hundred. He was amazing though, throwing out sounds I've only heard on the mountain.

So, although the show was disappointing to many, I was very fortunate to have several other exhibitors as neighbors, whom made the weekend worthwhile. Next door was Charlie Paynter of Quinlan Ranches, a soft-spoken, easy-going man who knows the meaning of customer service. Quinlan Ranches looks top-notch and also is providing year-round enjoyment through a camping program they're initiating. Big bulls, muleys, fishing, and 1700 acres of beautiful scenery make Quinlan Ranch a "gold star" on my map of "someday go to's".
For more information contact Charlie Paynter at 505-699-6621 or got to Quinlan Ranches.

Directly across from us was Big Game Outfitters of Mexico and Mr. Carlos Hermosillo, his wife, and daughter, Carla. Wonderful family run operation that has been part of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for twenty years. Big Game Outfitters offers Desert Mule Deer, Sheep, turkey and other varieties of game birds. Now, I knew sheep hunts were expensive, however I didn't know I would be buying a new truck, and a pimped-out one at that, if I ever decided to go after one. Fantastic family and I promise I'll make the trip to take a Desert Muley in the near future. Carlos just so happens to own the 2nd largest muley in the world which he took a couple of years back. He gave me a couple of cigars to enjoy throughout the show and at the end of the day I did just that.

For more information about Big Game Outfitters of Mexico contact Carlos at (52) 55-5671-2064.

Next to Charlie was Lorenzo Ghiglieri, an artist of unequaled talent and story telling least in my opinion. If you contact Lorenzo, you had better have time to talk because you will hear stories that will leave you wanting to know more about this man and his history. The best way I can try to describe him is "walking and talking history". He has personally met the Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, and King Juan Carlos to name a few and each are the distinguished owners of his works. Personally, I love his Eagle Sculptures and hope to sell a million t-shirts to be able to someday afford one for my humble home.

For more information contact Lorenzo at 1-877-551-4441.

The show may not of yielded the sales I would have hoped for, but my new friends more than made up for it and I will consider the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Expo a success.

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