Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Special Thanks to Jim and The Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine

I'm sure most people in the outdoor industry have heard of the show and if you haven' need to click here.

The Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine is a hunting, fishing, and the outdoors radio podcast. Good content, guests, and entertaining hosts has GOAT growing on a monthly basis.

Jim Ferguson, reached out to me through LinkedIn and offered feedback and help with Field Dress. With such a strong listening audience and the quality of the show, I knew Field Dress had to be a part of the show. Here's the catch. Jim never asked for it, he was just offering help in the form of contacts and advice...basically being a true outdoorsman.

Some time ago, I sent out mucho emails to outdoor bloggers asking for feedback and help...and that's exactly what I received. Honestly, I wasn't really surprised with the overwhelming response because that's what an outdoorsman is supposed to do.

This was a little different however, unsolicited help with no expectations. Maybe he needed a few t-shirts, maybe he was betting on "come", or maybe he really is just a good guy...either way a "special" thank-you to Jim and the Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine.

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