Thursday, April 23, 2009

Training is Depressing

So all week I've been meening to get out the bow and rod and practice a bit before this weekends Field and Stream's Outdoorsman Challenge. When you have three kids and another due in a couple weeks and a couple jobs to make sure I can feed them...not much time left over, but last night I finally stopped and said I had to do it.

However, it's pretty depressing when you have to climb into the attic and break into your bow case because you can't remember the combination. When I finally cut though the case handle to "release the beast", I was just happy the string was in tact and sights still straight. So here's the deal. I've had an old Hoyt for twenty-one years...yup...I know...but I never fealt the need to spend the money when I only had time to hunt one week per year and I knew where the arrow was going. Yes, one week per year. I make it a point to go to either ND or CO every year for a week. The last couple of years have been a struggle with twins and starting a new business. So I've lived through the stories of my blogging friends and the hunting and fishing forums...that's even more depressing.

Back to last night. Called a buddy of mine who is a member of a local archery club and he offered to take me out and "show me how it's done". A little trash talking is always fun, but I didn't want to offer a response since my confidence was a little bruised. When I arrive, the targets are set from 10 yards out to 40 and they have an outdoor lighting system so I plan on sticking around for a while. My friend pulls out a new case, Mathews Switchback, release, and starts to laugh as I "release the beast" from the broken twenty-year old case, put on my fingertips and armguard, straighten a couple of sites and say "pick your poison".

Thirty-yard target was first and I am happy to say the bow still works...with a little user error. I kept pulling to the right, but had decent groupings. More than anything, I'm really happy everything is set the way I left it two-years ago...OUCH. After a few adjustments and thinking about all the arrows over the years, I found my groove and backed it up ten yards every ten arrows or so till I hit sixty. Results weren't too bad and the trash talking picked up quite a bit on my end. New Switchback....hah.

Anyways, a little sore this morning...getting old, but I had better grab the rod and see if I still remember how to cast to a spot. This could get ugly so I better make sure the kids are inside or I might catch more than I bargained for...windy today so maybe I can blame the conditions for my failed attempts. Will keep ya'll up to date.


Mel said...

Enjoyed your post and encourage you to stay as focused as you can. Sounds like with the little one coming soon your time is going to get even more squeezed. Keep us posted!

Rod McBellanic said...

Sometimes its just laughable Mel. Focused is something I haven't been able to do for some time now unless its to see how some kids toy works!
We'll just keep waking up and giving it a go. Hope you have a good weekend.