Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Total Outdoorsman Challenge Results Are In

So the challenge came and went...along with it my chances to get Field Dress in front of the folks at Field and Stream. Didn't embarrass myself, but should've spent some time practicing as I'm confident I could've made it to the next round. Bait casting did me in.

The challenge comprised of three parts: Bait casting, archery, and shooting an air rifle. There was a small line for the archery so I did the bait casting first. You had to cast to several hoops placed in the small pond outside BassPro from a boat deck about 45' out. After several practice casts, I then took aim and went 0 for 5. Game over! Never got the chance to practice before going out, but I wasn't even really close. Little disappointing, however I can't expect much. I'm a walleye fisherman...drop the line off the boat and troll along.

New the pressure was on and moved on to the air rifle. The first picture shows the results. Not too bad. You were placed about 60' away and had two practice shots and five that counted. I declined the rest and to my surprise hit three in the center for 10's and two in the next ring for 9's. The guys running the challenge said I had the best of the day, but since it wasn't too busy I think they were just trying to make me feel good.

Then on to my love...archery. An easy twenty-five yard shot. This I was disappointed in as I have tournament shot since I was six. The second target shows the results...one in the center for 10, two in the 9, and two in the eight. With just a little bit of practice this should've been a slam dunk, but I guess life sometimes gets in the way.

So, I will have to wait till next year. Practice, practice, practice...I'll get my new baby into the world in a few weeks and find my groove as a father of four. Then look out next year, Field Dress will put on a good showing.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had fun!

Any idea what the winners had to score to move on?

Mike C.

Anonymous said...

Be proud of what you did instead of something you didn't do. Good luck with the little one coming!

Rod McBellanic said...

Always had a little trouble with that Mel...thanks and wish me luck.
Don't know exactly Mike, but will let you know if I hear something.