Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hunting Africa? Must visit

Jerome, owner of Africa Hunting, has put together an absolute "must visit" site for anyone thinking of hunting africa. Personally, I have never had the opportunity, but have had friends come back with stories and photos unlike anything I've ever seen.

Africa Hunting has everything you would come to expect from a hunting community; forums, profiles, photo galleries, stories ect. However, I found so much more I stayed and looked around much longer than typically. From a business perspective, you can receive a free listing in their Hunting Directory like I did with Field Dress or upgrade for premium placement in searches. Unique sections such as Travelers Warnings and Crime and Rating and Reviews of Outfitters. Other unique items were the Shot Placement Guide, Malaria Map, and Guidelines for Measuring Your Trophy.

So if your planning a trip to Africa or thinking you might someday, start your search off at Africa Hunting, you'll be glad you did.

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