Sunday, April 5, 2009

Joker One Update

I went to a book-signing for my friend Donovan last week and was excited to see how well he looked and seemed to be doing. A quick hug and small talk led to a lot of thinking of how extremely proud and fortunate I am to know such a fine young man.

Not being an avid book reader and of course being extremely biased, I will just say Joker One is doing well and number 15 on the New York Times Best Seller List. Please go to the official Joker One website to read more or pick up a copy for yourself or someone you know.

Click here to read the First Chapter.


Anonymous said...

Marines in my opinion are the foundation of our military and for one am proud of what they do and have given up.
I hope the book does well.

Rod McBellanic said...

Amen Rick. Will keep you informed.

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