Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elk decoys fooling so called "hunters"

Dumb and dumber! These things have been around for years and still work? Back home, I think they started using the deer-coys almost thirty-years ago and it seemed as though the tactic worked a lot back then. However, I guess you can't teach "stupid".

My problem is when the news agency calls these individuals "hunters". I won't get on my soapbox, but will offer a bit of advice for drive-by "hunters."

1. Have your eyes checked before hunting season.
2. Understand most animals will actually "move" when a vehicle slams on its' brakes.
3. Trophy bucks and elk aren't typically near well-traveled roads.
4. Know animals do typically run after hearing a loud "boom".
5. Drive an older model vehicle, so it doesn't hurt as badly when you lose it.
6. Camo and orange hats aren't necessary.
7. Lean out the window or across the hood to get yourself into a better "shooting" position.
8. Don't bother to buy a license, as they are typically for real hunters.
9. When you are caught by the authorities, don't ask to see the video. It only confirms your stupidity.
AND 10. Seek counseling. There may be some deeper issues you have to confront.

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