Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IA Deer Harvest Nears 60,000

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The Iowa deer harvest is running about the same as last year near the end of the first season, with nearly 60,000 deer reported to the harvest reporting system.

The first shotgun season ends Dec. 5.
Second shotgun season is Dec. 8-16.

More seasonal weather is in the forecast beginning this weekend, to welcome the estimated 65,000 hunters who will be out for the second shotgun season.

Hunter safety should be discussed as part of the hunting plan to help prevent injuries. Hunters are encouraged to wear plenty of blaze orange to increase their visibility to other hunters.

Five hunters were injured during the first shotgun season, of which, two had self-inflicted injuries. There were no fatalities.

Shooting at running deer and identifying the target and what is beyond the target remain the two primary causes of hunter injury and property damage.
Tom Litchfield, State Deer Biologist, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, 641-774-2958 or Megan Wisecup, Recreational Safety Program Supervisor, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, 515-238-4968.
Press Release found at the Outdoor Wire

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