Tuesday, December 18, 2012


With the New Year upon us, I had to take a look back at all the new archery products introduced in 2012. Amazing advances in the field of archery and can only look forward to what 2012 brings.

Quest BowhuntingTM, a division of G5 Outdoors, introduced the new Torrent Bow that focuses on the perfect combination of smoothness, speed, and forgiveness - a supreme bow for all types of hunters. 
For more information visit Quest Bowhunting

Carbon Express®, a leader in arrow technology, innovation and precision introduced the all new The Crush™ arrow. The Crush™ arrow by Carbon Express is an exciting new arrow that combines the performance engineering and quality of Carbon Express and a co-branded, promotional partnership with Lee & Tiffany Lakosky of The Crush™.
For more information visit Carbon Express Arrows

S4 Gear announced the release of the Jacknife Smartphone bow mount. Thanks to the new patent-pending JackKnife smartphone bow mount from S4Gear, hunters will no longer have to wait to get home to see their latest adventure. With the ability to view and share their footage filmed right from their bow, its social media live in the woods!
For more information visit S4 Gear

Carbon Express®, a leader in arrow technology, innovation and precision introduced a new broadhead designed exclusively for crossbolts and crossbow hunting, called the XT Dual Blade. Hunters seeking the latest advances and innovation in crossbolt broadheads will find the XT Dual Blade Broadhead one of the most remarkable designs in the industry.
For more information visit Carbon Express Arrows

NAP, New Archery Products, the industry leader in broadheads and archery accessories, introduced the KILLZONE broadhead. The KILLZONE is a rear-deploying 2-blade, 2" cutting diameter broadhead that incorporates new technology which allows both blades to open and work together in unison. This design allows the broadhead to gain maximum penetration while avoiding any single blade deployment or deflection upon impact or during penetration of the cavity.
For more information visit New Archery

Gamo Outdoor USA, distributor of Laser Genetics unveiled a new laser illuminator designed specifically for bow hunting. The ND3® Bow-SZ laser illuminator uses advanced green laser technology to create true night vision and turns any bow or crossbow into a night hunter.
For more information visit Gamo Outdoor USA

X-Press introduced its new Pro Series Bow Press which is designed to work on all bows and crossbows, including those with parallel limbs.
For more information visit X-Press

APEX Gear, known for their Performance Driven Archery sights, introduced the new GAMECHANGER™ Sight. The GAMECHANGER features the new TRU•ZERO™ pin design that minimizes pin gaps and patent-pending TRU•FLO 2.0™ allows for quick and easy fiber replacement.
For more information visit APEX Gear

Rage Outdoors introduced a lethal broadhead, The Rage X-Treme. With a 2.3-inch cutting diameter, the sweeping blade angle on the new X-Treme maintains kinetic energy longer and penetrates deeper than any other blade, and produces larger entry and exit wounds for even better blood trails. This new broadhead is uniquely designed with a single-bevel blade that improves bone and tissue cutting performance on even the toughest of prey.
For more information visit Rage Outdoors

Rage Outdoors introduced two new turkey broadheads. These rear-deploying broadheads are designed with extra-long blades and extreme cutting diameter for massive entry holes and quick kills.
For more information visit Rage Outdoors

Dead Down Wind announced the newest product in their scent-control line of products, the Speed Stick Polymeric Bow Wax.
For more information visit Dead Down Wind

Sure-Loc introduced a revolutionary new sight that adjusts to your natural position, the Icon. The unique design of the Icon produces the world's first sight that easily puts you and the sight in perfect alignment, regardless of your hand cant or bow position. Until now, shooters have been forced to physically adjust their form to ensure that their sights are in line with gravity, but with the Icon, a simple twist changes everything.
For more information visit Sure-Loc

Rage Outdoors has combined the proven technology of its rear-deploying SlipCam broadheads with its new bone-busting chisel point to introduce the new Rage Chisel Tip broadheads.
For more information visit Rage Outdoors

Limbsaver introduced their new Kodiak-Lite Sling. Designed for crossbows, compound bows and firearms, the sling provides amazing comfort and technology.
For more information visit Limbsaver

Sure-Loc added a new Lethal Weapon™ to its arsenal of hunting sights. The new Lethal Weapon is loaded with a host of new features, including the popular Retina Lock™, as well as Sure-Loc's new Gravity Drop Technology™. 
For more information visit Sure-Loc

Blacks Creek introduced a new line of bow cases under its made in the USA brand, Remedy 7 Gear.
For more information visit Black Creek

Parker Bows, a manufacturer of high quality Compound bows, Crossbows and Crossbow Accessories introduced the Velocity. The Velocity features Parker's all new and proprietary Advanced Split Limb Technology with integrated Fulcrum Pocket System making it Extremely Parallel and Devastatingly fast at 315 Feet Per Second (FPS).
For more information visit Parker Bows

Rage Outdoors introduced the new patent-pending Rage Cage™ Quiver. The Rage Cage is a compact, low-profile and ultra-lightweight quiver that was designed specifically to securely hold five arrows equipped with Rage and other mechanical broadheads.
For more information visit Rage Outdoors

Xtreme Sighting Solutions introduced the Terminator Bow Sight. Aircraft grade aluminum is used to make the sights for lightweight construction and superior strength while having its patent-pending "MIM" stainless steel "Viper Fang" sight pins. 
For more information visit Xtreme Sighting Solutions

Limbsaver introduced their exciting new Pod technology with the FletchPod and the Broadhead Pod. The FletchPod quickly snaps onto arrows to eliminate fletch damage. The unique design protects fletches in the field, when traveling, when storing arrows, and FletchPod nestles perfectly into arrow boxes and quivers. 
For more information visit Limbsaver

Easton Technical Products® introduced the Bloodline™ arrow. Bloodline's lightweight N-FUSED® construction and low-profile H series diameter combines the ideal balance of high-intensity speed and carbon-structured strength, to create the industry's first reduced diameter high velocity arrow.
For more information visit Easton Archery

GC Archery, a developer of innovative, game-changing sporting equipment, introduced the GameChanger™ Archery Target System, a revolutionary archery target system that simulates a real-life hunting experience with high-definition, interchangeable image rolls of wild game animals in their natural habitats. The system is ideal for bow hunters and archery enthusiasts of all skill levels who are looking to hone their accuracy and experience the thrill of the hunt year-round.
For more information visit GC Archery

Bohning Archery family of vanes introduced its newest member, the IMPULSE - this revolutionary vane is the result of over 2 years of research in aerodynamics and materials engineering. IMPULSE is a super low-profile, light-weight, high-durability vane.
For more information visit Bohning

Easton Technical Products®, introduced the XX75 Magnum, an arrow with hard-hitting accuracy and proven technology. 
For more information visit Easton Archery

Outer Limits made available The New Blood Vane, a ground breaking new way to fletch an arrow. Now anyone can fletch or repair an arrow in the field with only a tube of glue required. The one piece flexible design allows for the ultimate in durability and accuracy. Just slide on a Blood Vane and place a drop of glue in each of the external ports. Internal channels then pull the glue over the length of the arrow creating an indestructible bond.
For more information visit Outer Limits

Parker Bows, a manufacturer of high quality Compound bows, Crossbows and Crossbow Accessories introduced the Python. Built for speed, the Python is forgiving, smooth, quiet, and deadly accurate.
For more information visit Parker Bows

Easton Technical Products®, introduced ultra-micro Injexion arrows which utilize many of the same design characteristics as the X10 arrow - the shaft that many Olympic archers will be shot in the 2012 London Games.
For more information visit Easton Archery

Trijicon introduced the AccuPin in 2011, but has been upgraded with a new larger, highly-visible sight level. The sight level is easily seen at full draw and exhibits the same extreme durability and accuracy as found in the original AccuPin. Trijicon has also increased the size and added a nylon patch to all set screws for even more security, easier adjustment, and less likelihood of losing one.
For more information visit Trijicon

The Block introduced The BLOCK GenZ, designed specifically with the young archer in mind. With its open-layered technology, The BLOCK GenZ offers easy extraction of arrows since it is intended for bows of 40 pounds of draw weight or less. This provides for longer target life, no matter what kind of arrow tip the GenZ shooter is using-field tips, fixed-blade broadheads or mechanicals.
For more information visit The Block

Rage Broadheads introduced a new blade-retention accessory for the world's best selling mechanical broadhead. Designed to be used in conjunction with the O-ring on the original Rage 100-grain Broadheads, the new Legacy Shock Collars simply slip onto the back of the ferrule and over the O-ring for an additional level of blade-retention security. These Legacy Shock Collars are specifically intended for hunters who stalk their prey or tend to move around a lot in the stand with a nocked arrow.
For more information visit Rage Broadheads

Limbsaver has once again scientifically improved two of their product lines by introducing the AWS (Adjustable Weight System) modular stabilizer and the new Broadband Limbsavers.
For more information visit Limbsaver 

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