Friday, December 7, 2012

A formal introduction

I realized I've never properly introduced my little "tribe" in all the time of doing this blog. When I first started, internet security seemed to scare me off, but nowadays I feel more comfortable posting personal images.

So when I started the blog, I thought I would create a name that is part of the whole family so I introduced myself to the online world as Rod McBellanic. "Rod" is part of my last name Rodvold, "Mc" is after the our oldest boy Mac, "bella" is for our twin daughter Isabella, and "nic" is for our twin son Nicolas. I guess I never considered any more in the pipeline, so I'll just introduce the youngest Joaquin. My god-given name is Chad and I am married to a lovely latina momma, Amparo, who will not allow to be photographed or posted to the online world. Daddy must keep momma happy!

Try taking a bike, trike, blade, scooter walk around the neighborhood while keeping the little varmints corralled. Thank God I grew up on ice skates in North Dakota; I typically put on roller blades to keep up and contain.

We live in Dallas, TX, but take the family home to North Dakota every fourth of July. There's nothing better than taking 'em home and letting them experience the great outdoors without having to worry about city things. They may be growing up in the city, but they love country life.

My favorite photo...note the youngest is missing. I keep trying to take another one with all four, but it never turns out.

My father, brother, and I with a nice whitetail I took bowhunting back home in 2005. My father has retired himself to camp cook and brother is a fireman in Denver, CO.

We try to go elk hunting in Colorado every year and I took this photo on a morning hunt. I've used the one on this blog for years and recently discovered it's sister photo. I don't remember finding anything at the end of the rainbow, but I know I have my "pot of gold" when I think of my family.

I hope to keep you informed about the happenings outdoors and every once in a while entertained through this blog. Thanks for coming by and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

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